How Rubber Floors Reduce Injuries

Flooring is a permanent covering of a floor, or for the work of installing such a floor covering. This kind of idea mainly to provide a proper walking surface by applying any materials above the floor structure. Throughout the ages, they are so many kinds of flooring that are always improving till now.


After the discoveries of latex thousand years ago in Latin America, then rubber is formed with elasticity and durability properties. Consequently, this revolutionizes the consumption of rubber in a lot of products due to its properties including in flooring industry. But most of rubber flooring manufacturing are not directly made of rubber, it is made of recycled tyre that have been crushed and undergone some processes to form a safety rubber tiles.

Today’s rubber flooring has been used by many organizations and it provides many advantages. The most prominent uses of rubber flooring can be found easily on many playgrounds and gyms. One of the biggest factors it becomes a choice is the safety feature which resulted from the elasticity of the rubber. The elasticity can give cushioning and shock absorption feature which is lacked from other flooring subsequently able to reduce injuries. That’s why it is ubiquitous especially in playgrounds and gyms where the injuries will most likely happen.


How rubber flooring prevents from injuries? The most common accidents happen in gym and playgrounds are falls. With the elasticity of rubber flooring, it could absorb most of the impact and could prevent serious injuries such as fractures, muscle strains and so on. Others type of concrete flooring does not have elasticity and will put unnecessary stress the body with the risk of injuries if falls happens.


What about other features?


Rubber flooring is slip-resistant as rubber provides a good grip. By this, rubber flooring will hold foot properly without any reckless falls. Rubber flooring not only minimize injuries from falls, but also has features to prevent falls in playgrounds and gyms which usually happens.


The durability is unmatched, rubber flooring is expected to last for 20 years while maintaining its properties.