epdm cold colours

Supersafe EPDM cold colours are: Purple, Navy Blue , Blue, Light Blue, Forest Green, Green, Light Green, Apple Green, Tea Green

Supersafe EPDM colours are varied with a lot of options specifically for flooring designs. 

Before designing EPDM flooring, colours are the most important thing to choose and often very complicate to finalize. Selection of colours could stimulate some emotions, for example cold colours can create a space that is calming and relaxing. This is why seas and forest are so calming as they have cool tones colours such as blues and greens, cold colours in epdm flooring stimulates calmness in people’s mind and that is why Supersafe have 8 epdm cold colours to give more options on flooring designs. 

When considering flooring tones, it is recommended to have one tone for one space as the mixture of cold and hot colours could create a confusion of emotions. Brightness of colour in fact have different longevity as bright colours prone to fade in hot weather climate and darker colours will last longer. For instance, bright epdm colours are not suitable for hot weather climate country and darker colours should be used alternatively. Our Supersafe epdm granules are diverse from bright to dark, example: Forest green (dark) and apple green (bright).

It is available in cold, warm and hot tones. Whether you want to fix with certain tone or mixture of it, the durability and high-quality of our epdm granules are very consistent and give the best safety features of flooring.

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