SuperSafe ®
EPDM Granules

Supersafe EPDM Granules are durable, excellent elasticity, eco-friendly, super resistant to water, UV rays, and suitable for general weather. The surfaces of EPDM Granules manufactured by Supersafe are ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations where physical sports activities mostly take place such as running track, children’s playgrounds, sports centres, play equipment flooring, athletic track, water pool deck and etc. It is very good for any design as we have the best colour range and high quality for wet pour installation. 

Safe and Reliable
Very safe and reliable as it is toxic-free, free of heavy metals, weathering resistance and able to absorb falls impact.
Eco-Friendly and Durable
It is eco-friendly for children’s playgrounds with the best colour range and long-lasting durability.



Supersafe EPDM Granules offer 25 wide ranges of colours making them great for any desired design on your surfacing. It is the standard material for playgrounds, running tracks, sports centres and etc. The widely favourable choice for playground surfacing due to its high durability while enhancing the safety features and compromise the highest quality for flooring indoor and outdoor.