Epdm Manufacturers in Malaysia

Supersafe Industries is a Epdm manufacturers based in Malaysia. Our Epdm granules are high in quality and suitable for any flooring applications. EDPM granules are supplied to domestic and global markets, we also manufacture safety rubber tiles as well.

Epdm manufacturer in malaysia

Manufacturing of EPDM granules

EPDM flooring is a standard material for playground surfacing, running tracks and other flooring applications due to its versatility. In fact it grows in popularity for playground flooring as it is more beneficial than other flooring available. As it bears a lot of benefits of flooring making it excellent choice for wet pour surfacing with seamless rubber surface. As EPDM supplier in Malaysia, all the manufacturing process are put under stringent quality control to maximise the quality of EPDM granules. Supersafe are consistent in producing high-quality EPDM granules and meet the requirements for the market.

We deliver EPDM granules worldwide

We have manufactured EPDM granules to cater for the local and export markets, We are EPDM supplier, producing only high-quality of EPDM granules and deliver worldwide.

EPDM wet pour surfacing

Wet pour EPDM rubber surfacing is becoming a popular choice for playground flooring as it fits the safety standards for children. Supersafe Industries is keen with safety standards and we will make sure that our EPDM granules would enhance safety for your playground. With the Recycled Rubber Granules and bind with Polyurethane Binder, the EPDM surfacing would provide safety and could avoid potential high-risk injuries in playground. Supersafe also supply Recycled Rubber Granule (SBR) and Polyurethane Binder (PU Binder) to complement the installation of EPDM wet pour rubber surfacing. 

Running tracks is a standard sport facility for track and field. Our EPDM granules are even meet the requirement for a high standard running tracks while providing the appropriate cushioning for safety and competition.

Projects Overview

As we supply EPDM granules for wet pour surfacing to our customers, there are a lot of finished projects by customer