EPDM is a short abbreviation for:

 E ethylene, 

P propylene, 

D diene,

M Monomer,


EPDM granules are made of compounds consisting of special polymers that will retain elasticity and high resistance to hot temperatures. That it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor sports because of its toughness and elasticity.


Most sports are very prone to injuries and EPDM has elastic nature that will make every unintentional falling in sports feel like landing on grass, instead of falling on a rough surface. This could only leave minor injuries and prevent any fatal injuries and hence will encourage people to enjoy sports.


It is a better option for playground compared to rubber tiles because of the following reasons:


1.     It is easily repaired. EPDM granules can be fixed if some part of it is damaged compared to rubber flooring which is very difficult and higher cost.

       2.     High UV ray stability, exceptional colour retention and a longer lifespan (easy for maintenance) than rubber flooring.

3.     EPDM granules are also waterproof, shock-proof, anti-slip and have high durability

4.     Has attractive colours, it is suitable for a fun place and people playing around, especially for kids.


Advantages Vs Disadvantages



High Resistance To UV

EPDM flooring has great water resistance as it is made usually for outdoor activity as well as good resistance to UV rays and oxidation. With that being said, it has good temperature and weathering properties and later will create another advantage which is durability.


Long-Lasting And High Durability

Compared to traditional rubber flooring, installation of EPDM flooring will cost less money because it exhibits higher durability and can operate better for a long time even with abuse before experiencing wear and tear. It is also suitable for sports that require equipment such as skating, cycling and another sport. It is weather resistant making it a great option for outdoor sport in a long run. 


Secure Safety

People playing sports are very prone to falling down and everything accidental would be mitigated. With soft flooring provided by EPDM, hard surface injuries are eliminated. It has non-slip properties and people can play worry-free without slipping and even if it happens, injuries will be minimal. 


Easy To Maintain

EPDM flooring has low maintenance requirements. All it needs is only occasional cleaning using water and mild soap. On top of that, It is also stain-resistant and has low chances of swelling up from the water. Moreover, regular checks must be made to make sure it is safe for kids. 


Colourful And Attractive Design

With attractive colours, it will create good vibes for the playground and for people to have fun. Children are especially attracted to bright and colourful surfaces. Fortunately EPDM has quite a handful of colour selections to make EPDM design very attractive.


EPDM Rubber Flooring Absorbs Noise Better

An EPDM rubber flooring has the ability to absorb noise as opposed to reflecting it. People in sports playgrounds usually hop around and play a lot. In normal circumstances, their footsteps will create a lot of noise and EPDM flooring is excellent in absorbing the noise and significantly reducing playground noise as a whole.



Need Fast Installation

While standard rubber tiles could be installed slowly one by one with each tile,  EPDM flooring should be installed in one finish attempt because the mixing of SBR, EPDM and binder would be gradually hardening and installation should be commenced immediately to avoid waste.


Poor Resistance To Oils

It has relatively poor resistance to petroleum-based fuels, most oils and non-polar solvents. Given these characteristics, EPDM is not a suitable material for petrochemical applications. It should be noted that the inert nature of EPDM also makes it difficult to adhere to.