Benefits Of Rubber Flooring For Playground

Playgrounds play a big role for children for their playtime especially in urban areas where there is a limited place for them to play. Safety is always a major concern for parents, but that should not stop their children from playing as most children are so active. They often move quickly from one activity to another, the playground is a great place for them and easy for parents to supervise. This is where playground flooring become a major concerns as it should exhibit safety feature for children.

Activities in playgrounds vary from jumping, running, swinging and climbing. The flooring of a playground must have safety criteria and ease parents concerns regarding any risk of injuries. Since safety is important, most playground these days has implemented rubber flooring for a lot of benefits. 

Rubber flooring is implemented because of its safety, there are other benefits of rubber flooring and explanation:


Safety is the utmost priority, the reason rubber flooring is excellent in safety is it can prevent unnecessary falls from normal movement. It is is slip-resistant when used as flooring making it very safe for children to play around without slipping and falling afterwards. Even if they fall with typical child’s play, the cushioning feature to mitigate the risk of injuries. Utilizing rubber flooring will eliminate the possibility of injuries which usually happen on hard flooring.

These safety properties do not wear out over time, it is designed to last around 20 years and is able to maintain its properties.

Colourful And Attractive Design

Children prefer a brighter colour because it is more stimulating and interesting. Rubber flooring has lots of colours made attractive in design hence creating playful vibes for children. Rubber flooring has an extensive range of sizes, colours, patterns and shapes. This will make flooring designs are not out of touch with creativity.

Sound Absorbent

Rubber is an excellent soundproof material, it absorbs sound waves very well rather than reflecting them. Since the playground at certain times has a high volume of people, this will help eliminate footsteps sound to some extent.

While children play around running, jumping and hopping. This will minimize the sound and reduce inconvenience to the people nearby.

Strong And Durable

Rubber flooring is very resilient and still maintains high scores of durability even with abuse play of children. It has been told by many that rubber flooring usually lasts around 20 years and still retains its safety properties. It is made to withstand daily wear and tear without getting damaged making it perfect for cycling, skating and other activities. Furthermore, it can handle extreme weather conditions as rubber flooring has UV-resistant making it resistant to UV-ray damaging behaviour. 

Easy Maintenance & Cost Effective

It is very easy to install rubber flooring and easy maintenance as well. Despite exhibiting lots of benefits, it only requires minimal maintenance making it highly cost-effective. Just sweep debris occasionally is enough to keep it clean as it is also stain-resistant. If there is damage to some parts of the rubber floor, the replacement cost is considerably low and only needs a little manoeuvre to replace. It is