Are Rubber Tiles Long Lasting?

rubber flooring

What is the characteristic of rubber flooring?

Rubber flooring is a type of floor that is commonly used in sporting facilities, industrial zones, hospitals, and even schools. People opted for rubber flooring because it has several advantages for safety in particular, natural cushioning in it is good for certain facilities that required a lot of traffic and activities. It will keep people safe.

Safety Floor

Rubber does have some natural give in it. Rubber flooring is capable of absorbing impact and when something heavy hits the floor you will not have to deal with part of its shattering. If people accidentally fall down, the risk of high injury is mitigated as the floor itself is there for safety.

High Traffic Area

Every material has its expiry time and it’s not excluding rubber floors! It is expected to last for 20 years under normal circumstances and will gradually wear away as a lot of people stand on it. Rather than being crushed under this constant assault, it will cushion the blows and preserve itself.

High Resistant To Bacteria And Water

This material is very useful as how resistant it is to practically everything. It has resistant to bacteria since there are no fibres for it to lurk in. Rubber cannot absorb anything except impact, so definitely it would not be able to absorb water. Hence it is so ideal for industrial and any facilities just for that resistivity.

Low Maintenance

Due to its stain and water resistance, it is very easy to clean and maintain. A quick mop and sweep are enough to eliminate dirt and debris on top of it. Fortunately, it does not need deep cleaning so often, just clean it once in a while, and it is done.