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SuperSafe® Safety Rubber Tiles protect your family by providing a high absorption rate as well as an excellent slip proof material. These safety rubber tiles are soft and warm to the touch but yet resistant enough to last for many years. No more cuts, scrapes and broken bones when you fall down.

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What Is Safety Rubber Tiles?

SuperSafe® Safety Rubber Tiles are made from recycled tyres which have undergone an extensive process in order to make a material that is clean, safe, durable and easy to use.

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Feel confident in your safe surfacing material choices with SuperSafe® and our other high-performance safe surfacing material options.

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SuperSafe® Industries Sdn Bhd has passed the training programs & Critical Surface Impact Tester in compliance with Standard: ASTM F1292-F355, EN 1177:2008, EN 1177:2018 specification for Impact Attenuation of surface system(outdoor playground areas, rubber tiles, gym floor, running track, EPDM wet pour., etc).

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