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    Underfoot comfort is excellent. And,it retains its beauty and fuster for several years.it's the ideal choice for schools, hospitals, extended care and multi-purpose areas including corridors,gymnasiums,auditoriums, classrooms, patient rooms, theaters,cafetoriums and other meeting rooms..
  • playground
    rubber flooring
    SuperSafe® Absorbing Rubber Tiles
    Offer A Well-high Seamless
    Resilient And Durable Surface
    To You Residential And Commercial Playground
    Which Is Able To Protect And Reduce The Risk Of Getting Injured
  • playground
    + Personalized Design
    + Easy Installation
    Clean Environment
    Safe And Durable
    Why Not SuperSafe® Safety Rubber Tiles ?

Environmentally Safe And Durable

Not only environmentally friendly, safe and durable

Are Soft And Warm To The Touch

No more cuts, scrapes and broken bones when you fall down

Easy Installation And Maintenance

Easy to install, minimal maintenance, unique & self-aligning


Welcome to SuperSafe® Manufacture where your Safety is our top PRIORITY.

SuperSafe® factory is located at a two acres land in the middle of Kawasan Perindustrian Balakong Jaya, the Supersafe Industries Sdn Bhd's factory was built. Our factory is located in the heart of growing industrial area Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan.

SuperSafe® Safety Rubber Tiles

SuperSafe® Rubber Tiles are made from environmental friendly recycled tyres, helping to reduce the tyre mountains and landfill all over the world

SuperSafe's experts are proud to present our Rubber Tiles that create a clean environment and safety surfacing products for Children playground.

Our objective is to provide the best solution for impact absorption, high quality tiles with consistency in production.

SuperSafe® also manufacture Interlocking Rubber Tiles that are easy to install, minimal maintenance, unique & self-aligning.

Rubber Tiles Factory

Our Projects

The new design will combine the elegance and wonder of our classic product, with the power and flexibility of our newer lines.

Our Achievement

Innovation only bring you healthy and safe products

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Dimensional Stability

Excellent dimensional stability. Will not shrink like other floorings can.

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Requires No Sanding

Requires no sanding, repainting or special surface treatment.

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Design Coordination

Flooring, stair treads and landing tile are designed coordinate easily. The color range is exceptionally broad.

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Soft And Comfortable

Is soft underfoot and comfortable to walk on.

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Unique Design

Tiles are ideal for creating patterns and unique designs.

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Wear-resistant And Durable

Withstands scuffing, grinding and heavy foot traffic. With a top-to-bottom wear surface, rubber flooring is not only long lasting, but it will look good for years.

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No Additional Finishing

Does not need special waxes, sealers, dressings or other finishes to maintain its appearance.

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Easy To Maintain

Reduces expensive labor and chemical costs. Hence, maintenance costs are significantly reduced.


Personalized Design

Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Plus a custom color option to meet your individual design needs.

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