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Twin Rubber Tiles


Equally same specification & application with Standard Rubber Tiles, these rubber mats also come with 2 sizes, 1 meter X 1 meter & 1/2 meter x 1/2 meter and pigmented on top of the surface with variable colours, but Black at the bottom of the tiles. Its application varies from playground flooring, gyms and etc.

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Standard Pigmented Colours
Safe and Reliable

Our safety rubber floor mats are ideal for children’s playground and safe for children usage.

Damping and Anti-slip

Specialise in shock-absorbing & slip-resistant rubber mats for the commercial & domestic market.

Standard and Twin Rubber Mats

Compare our Standard and Twin Rubber Tiles

Our Standard Rubber Tiles present practicality, featuring uniform colours for both top and bottom layers. On the other hand, our Twin Rubber Tiles offer a dash of versatility with two distinct colours for the top and bottom layers.

Twin Rubber Tiles (Granulated)

Our Granulated Twin Rubber Tiles deliver a high-performance flooring solution for commercial and recreational spaces – offering exceptional impact resistance and slip-resistance. These tiles provide a safe and reliable surface, which are ideal for gyms, playgrounds and more.

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Twin Rubber Tiles (Fine Top)

These tiles are designed to offer a refined appearance, which are perfect for enhancing outdoor pathways, patios and residential areas as they are low-maintenance and high durability.

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Fine Top Playground Rubber Tile

Difference between Granulated and Fine Top Twin Rubber Tiles

Granulated Rubber Tiles are built for heavy-duty use, offering exceptional shock absorption and slip resistance, making them ideal for gyms and playgrounds. On the other hand, Fine Top Rubber Tiles bring a touch of elegance. These are perfect for residential areas, providing a refined finish without compromising on durability.

Granulated and Fine Top Rubber Tiles
White EPDM Speckles
Yellow EPDM Speckles

Twin Rubber Tiles Variations (EPDM Speckles)


These are the variations of Twin Rubber Tiles; they come with EPDM speckles on the top layer of the rubber mats and can be customized with any EPDM colors and percentage. The percentage of EPDM speckles gives you even more control over the final appearance of your flooring.

In addition to the impressive customization options and safety features, our Supersafe Twin Rubber Tiles also come with a practical and efficient pinhole connecting system. This unique feature allows for seamless installation, ensuring a secure and stable flooring surface.

Purple EPDM Speckles
Blue EPDM Speckles
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