Interlocking Gym Mats

Two Variations of Supersafe® Interlocking Gym Mats

Our high-quality interlocking gym mats, also known as gym mats or gym flooring, are specifically designed to meet the demands of various fitness environments. Additionally, these versatile tiles offer numerous benefits for fitness enthusiasts. These heavy-duty rubber gym mats feature a unique V-shaped lock feature, ensuring effortless installation and a secure fit that effectively safeguards your floors.

The variations we have are: EPDM Speckles and Pigmented Interlocking Gym Mats. These gym floors are soft, sturdy, resilient, and safety surfaces for fitness centers, home gyms, heavy weight training places, temporary workout areas, indoor playground and commercial gyms.


Interlocking Gym Mats (EPDM Speckles)

EPDM Speckles Interlocking Gym Mats unite function and aesthetics. Made with durable rubber and EPDM speckles, they offer secure installation, visual appeal, and enhanced grip for safer workouts in various settings. Suitable for intense activities, these mats reduce noise and protect floors.

Pigmented Interlocking Gym Mats

Interlocking Gym Mats  (Pigmented)

Durable, this pigmented interlocking gym mats ensure safety and comfort in fitness spaces. Crafted from high-quality rubber or foam with vibrant colors, they offer easy installation, grip and impact protection for diverse exercises in commercial and home gyms.

Standard Pigmented Colours