Absorbing Rubber Tiles

We Protect Kids Like
& You Do

SuperSafe® Absorbing Rubber Tiles offer a well-high seamless, resilient, durable and safety surface to your residential and commercial playground, which is able to protect and reduce the risk of getting injured.

 SuperSafe® Absorbing Rubber Tiles have three distinct brands ” Standard”, “Twin” and “Deluxe ” (with or without connecting pin holes to suit your needs).

Resilience, dimensional stability and endurance are natural characteristics of rubber flooring. Maintenance is minimal. Underfoot comfort is excellent. And, it retains its beauty and fuster for several years. It’s the ideal choice for schools, hospitals, extended care and multi-purpose areas including corridors, gymnasiums, auditoriums, classrooms, patient rooms, theaters, cafetoriums and other meeting rooms.

✅ 1. Standard – Full Pigmented

✅ 2. Twin – Top layer: Pigmented colour | Bottom layer: Black SBR                                                                                              ✅ 3.Deluxe – EPDM Top Layer | Bottom layer: Black SBR



About Our Colours

Colours Range
Standard Pigmented Colours

SuperSafe® Safety Rubber Tiles also provide the largest colour selections in order to enhance your children’s imagination with visual stimulation. You can pick the best colours and make your amazing rubber playground surfaces come alive at an affordable price.

SuperSafe® Absorbing Rubber Tiles are known as Eco-Friendly flooring.

Quality Control

ISO 9001: 2015, ISO 14001 : 2015, ASTM F1292-F355, EN 1177:2008 and EN 1177:2018 certified manufacturer.

SuperSafe® Absorbing Rubber Tiles are bonded by UV Stabilized Polyurethane which is cured in a pressurized mould.
SuperSafe® Absorbing Rubber Tiles is also applicable for recreational & parks areas, residential landscaping, school & nurseries areas, walkway, swimming pool areas.