SuperSafe Flooring Colours :

SuperSafe® also provides the largest colour selections in order to enhance your children’s imagination with visual stimulation. You can mix and match the best colours to make your Playground come alive at just an affordable price.

Unlike other materials, SuperSafe® Rubber Flooring is an environmentally friendly material. It is often made of recycled materials, and if you decide to remodel the rubber flooring, it can be recycled. This is in sharp contrast to other flooring materials that are comparable in durability, such as vinyl plank floors or composite floors.

Not only can they be recycled, but up to 5 years with minimal required maintenance. Mopping and wiping up spills are all that is generally required to keep the rubber flooring in excellent condition. Sweeping twice a week is also recommended to prevent dirt from being ground into the floor.

Pigmented Colours

When it comes to rubber mats, our SuperSafe Rubber Mats offer the best of both worlds – stunning aesthetics and top-notch safety features. Elevate your spaces with vibrant colors that don’t just look good but also serve a practical purpose.

Discover the full range of SuperSafe rubber mats with pigmented colours and take your flooring to a new level of excellence.

Pigmented Colour Safety Rubber Mats

EPDM Granules Colours

With a multiple choices of captivating colours to choose from, Supersafe EPDM Granules offer a world of design possibilities. These granules are not just about safety, they are about breathing life and style into your spaces.

Supersafe EPDM Granules empower you with creative freedom. Whether you are designing vibrant playgrounds for children to explore or sports tracks that inspire peak performance, these granules can turn your vision into a colorful reality.

Epdm granules colour chart


Creative Design
Environmental Friendly
Impact Absorption
Insect Free
Maintenance free
Safety & Protection
Skid Resistant
Sound Proof
Static Resistance
Wide Range of Colour
Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor
Easy Installation & Replacement