Playground Safety Surfacing

The essence of childhood, of course, is play

Playground park is a place where every kid are so excited about when they are visiting. It is the only places where they can go all out playing with random friends in a place so specific with an exciting equipments. This happen as today’s children are not able to play in random places specifically because it is not safe to them. Indeed playground is the suitable places for them to play with their peers. Even supervision of parent is easy.

So many activities occur in playground whether it is running, climbing, hopping, swing and slides. Of course any accident would happen due to childish careless behaviour, in fact too many accidents were recorded occur all over the world whether it is minor or major injuries. Things like this could not be avoided as it is their part of growing up, playing and making careless mistake.

Despite of that, safety measure should be the most important parameter when building a playground. Most accidental in playground is majorly from falls and all their activities exposed to this risk. Falling is a natural part of childhood as children learn new skills, test their limits, and explore things around them. Most falls are harmless. As thing things continuously happens, choice of playground flooring is important before building playground. Soft flooring could minimize serious injuries and parent would less anxious watching their children playing.

Supersafe EPDM - Playground Flooring

Supersafe EPDM granules is the best material for playground flooring as it provides excellent shock absorption when falls occur and the safety standard is even greater than any safety flooring. Epdm flooring has aestethical value as it comes with various colours, in fact we supply 25 colours to complement any desired designs. For instance this could stimulate playful environment for children.


We supply and provide various type of safety flooring and Epdm flooring is one of them. Our Epdm is high-graded and having more advantages compared to others safety flooring. Our superiority is manufacturing high quality flooring with great safety features, we have been in this industry for 20 years and supply worldwide.


EPDM Flooring advantage


Highly durable and can handle abuse impact for a long period of time. Steadily maintain in every weather.

Colour & Design

Various colours to complement your preferenc

Great Performance

Highly advanced surfacing systems providing cushioning for safety.

Epdm Colour Charts


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