Connecting Rubber Tiles (Playground Rubber Flooring)

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Connecting Rubber Tiles (Playground Rubber Flooring)
Pin Hole Tiles

SuperSafe® Pin Hole Tiles are easy to install, noise and shock absorbing, slip resistance and water permeable. They are tough enough and able to endure for years even under an abusive condition. Therefore, SuperSafe® Pin Hole Tiles is the perfect choice for your fitness centers, gym, weight room, portable flooring or sports floor.

SuperSafe® Connecting Pin

4 Connecting Pins are being drilled into the edges on both sides. This interlocking system securely anchors all SuperSafe® Pin Hole Tiles into adjacent players that will not easily slide out.

2 sides Pin Hole Tiles
Dimension: Available Thickness:
500mm × 500mm 40mm - 100mm
4 sides Pin Hole Tiles
Dimension: Available Thickness:
500mm × 500mm 25mm - 30mm

Connecting Rubber Tiles (Sports)

SuperSafe® is proud to contribute with its product to optimize the results of the high altitude training helping athletes to improve their muscle power and breathing capacity. Elastic, non-slip and spike resistant, specially designed to protect against splinters and prevent rebounds after strong impact.

Supersafe® Sport tiles are suitable in a wide range of sport and recreational activities for example football, volleyball, basketball court, badminton court, sepak takraw(Malaysian sport), etc., both indoor and outdoor. This is the new innovative product with premium quality to make world class sport surface for our new generation.

Athletic and recreational frack
Rubber pavement for multipurpose sport surface

SuperSafe® Sport Flooring System

The quality of each kind of sport court surface is clearly categorised by different specification and structure to suit and service each particular purpose. Our modem surface pin hole system for multipurpose sports and recreation facilities provide good shock absorption like cushion to protect athletics and players’ joints and ligaments during playing and training sessions.

Design Mockups & Prototypes

Excellent comfort for training, noise absorbent and durability
Quality surface with SBR
Full range of colors available

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