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SuperSafe® Safety Rubber Tiles has passed the training programs & Critical Surface Impact Tester in compliance with Standard : ASTM F1292-F355, EN 1177:2008, CSA Z614-03 specification for Impact Attenuation of surface system (playground areas, rubber tiles, running track, EPDM wet pour, etc).
The training program was conducted in Vancouver, Canada by Mr. Rolf Huber (president of Canadian Playground Advisory Inc.)
SuperSafe® Industries also has a Research & Development Department to continuous improve the quality and increase Critical Fall Height (CFH) on all SuperSafe® Safety Rubber Tiles.
SuperSafe® Safety Rubber Tiles are certified under ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management System. SuperSafe® Safety Rubber Tiles are tested and comply with British Standard BS 7188, "Head Impact Criteria" (HIC) EN 1177:2008 and "American Society of Testing Materials" ASTM F1292-F355 for Critical Fall Height (CFH).
BS7188, EN1177 & ASTM1292 description
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